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Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

21, Jan 2013  posted by Admin

Green Coffee Bean Extract, this dietary supplement is the raw extract of green coffee bean, which, lately, has taken the weight loss programs by storm. The media frenzy regarding this pure extract is based on the potent ability of this ingredient to burn fat effortlessly.  In good reason, people are simply fascinated with this ultimate discovery, and doctors and nutritionists, including Dr. Oz, highly recommend it to anyone looking to lose weight naturally.

Green Coffee Bean MAX

Green Coffee Bean Max is made of 100% pure green coffee beans and the extract is standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid, an incredibly potent antioxidant with many health benefits, including regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fat loss and weight loss. The active compound in GCA, chlorogenic acid, is a powerful fat binder and fat destroyer.

The most remarkable qualities lie in the 100% purity of this formula, in the highest concentration of chlorogenic acid allowed by the FDA in a dietary supplement and in the high effectiveness and safety of this formula. Green Coffee Bean Max was featured on ABC, and nutritionists, who usually believe the key to weight loss is restrictive diet and exercise, were truly amazed by the power of this super-food. The supplement targets only fat deposits, not muscles, so the weight you will be losing consists only in fat, while your muscle mass will stay intact.

It generally has no side effects, but pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor prior to taking these capsules. Users are delighted with this great supplement, which has changed their lives for the better. Even the most suspicious of them have changed their minds once they tried it out. This formula has helped them to lose the excess fat and the extra pounds which stood in their way to beauty and health.

Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA)

100% Pure Green Coffee Beans Extract          

50% Chlorogenic Acid  

Appetite Suppression

Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Regulation of Blood Pressure

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract MAX

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Max is a breakthrough discovery in sustainable weight loss because it combines two powerful fat-burning natural active ingredients - 100% pure green coffee extract and 100% pure raspberry ketone. This product is the only proprietary formula in the world that contains not one, but two natural and extremely powerful weight loss promoters (800 mg pure green coffee standardized extract and 100 mg pure raspberry ketone) and also another 10 mg combining natural ingredients such as resveratrol, apple cider vinegar, kelp, Irvingia Gabonensis, grapefruit powder and Acai fruit.

The revolutionary 100% pure green coffee bean extract, thanks to its highest level of chlorogenic acid available in nature, works two-fold: it inhibits the circulation of glucose into the bloodstream after eating a meal and it stimulates our liver cells to oxidize fat quicker, which leads to no fat being allowed to accumulate, while slicing the already present fat in the lipocytes. Raspberry ketone is an enzyme extracted from raspberry with potent fat-burning properties, highly recommended by Dr. Oz, who considers it truly a miracle. The African Mango extract also increases fat metabolism and the acai fruit provides all the essential nutrients for health improvement.

You can rest assured that the safety of this dietary supplement is clinically proven, and this is why doctors recommend it, including the famous Dr. Oz. Customers who have purchased this product are amazed with the breathtaking results, because this supplement works great for them. They highly recommend this wonderful product to anyone looking for a reliable, safe and effective weight loss formula.

50% Chlorogenic Acid

100% Pure Green Coffee Beans Extract

100% pure raspberry ketone          

No Contraindications or Side Effects

Appetite Suppression

Fat Burning and Weight Loss

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Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract MAX Buy Green Coffee Bean MAX