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Green Coffee Bean MAX Reviews

12, Feb 2013  posted by Admin

The Natural and Most Effective Weight Loss Supplement

People always do their best to look good, because looking good equals feeling good. The ongoing struggle with drastic diets and strenuous exercise can be curbed with the use of the most effective natural weight loss formula to date. Green Coffee Bean MAX is made of 100% pure green coffee beans and the extract is standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid, an incredibly potent antioxidant with many health benefits, including regulation of blood pressure and blood sugar levels, fat loss and weight loss. The Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA) extract is truly a breakthrough discovery in natural health.

Green Coffee Bean Extract and Weight Loss

The active compound in GCA, chlorogenic acid, is a powerful fat binder and fat destroyer. The American Chemical Society performed a study on 16 overweight individuals who were given a low dose of this GCA extract and a high dose. The clinical data showed that the participants who took the high dose lost about 17 pounds in almost five months and their weight was diminished by 10,5%. The antioxidant compound increases fat oxidation and restricts the absorption of fat from fatty meals. Correlated with the curbing of glucose release in the body, it promotes sustainable weight loss in the absence of time-consuming diets and physical exercise. Whereas strict diets deplete the body of essential nutrients, this formula provides visible results without having to starve yourself or work out too intensely.


What Makes Green Coffee Bean MAX So Remarkable?

The most remarkable qualities lie in the 100% purity of this formula, in the highest concentration of chlorogenic acid allowed by the FDA in a dietary supplement and in the high effectiveness and safety of this formula. The results are seen within the first month of using this formula and include appetite suppression, acceleration of fat metabolism, a boost of energy, fat loss and weight loss. Green Coffee Bean MAX was featured on ABC, and nutritionists, who usually believe the key to weight loss is restrictive diet and exercise, were truly amazed by the power of this super-food. Furthermore, you can choose to place your order online, safe and easy, thanks to the guaranteed data protection system of the seller. Your shipment is also guaranteed with InsureShip.  The product also comes with three free premium bonuses - the opportunity to become a member of the Weight Management Club, free of charge, and two free e-books, "Weight Loss Secrets" and "Summer diets", exclusive for Green Coffee Bean Max customers.   Read more product ingredients HERE

How Does IT Work?

This supplement starts, first of all, by decreasing your appetite and your unhealthy cravings between meals. Once the fat absorption and glucose release are stopped, it "takes care" of your fat deposits. Excess fat does not stand a chance because the active chlorogenic acid ramps up your metabolism and the fat burning process proceeds. In turn, the increased energy level you experience is the response of your body to the burned fat. The energy you receive is the "thank you" note from your body for helping it to get rid of the fat it had no use for. Basically, you trade fat for energy.

The supplement targets only fat deposits, not muscles, so the weight you will be losing consists only in fat, while your muscle mass will stay intact. Since this formula inhibits the release of glucose and the absorption of fat, your body will have to use whatever fuel it has left - that is, your stored fat. Because the body needs fuel, your excess fat will be burned and transformed into energy and, this way, you will lose both fat and weight.

• • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • GREEN COFFEE BEAN MAX • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • • •

Green Coffee Antioxidant (GCA)

100% Pure Green Coffee Beans Extract          

50% Chlorogenic Acid  

Appetite Suppression

Fat Burning and Weight Loss

Regulation of Blood Pressure

Safety Issues

This formula is completely safe because it is all-natural, free of additives and preservatives and clinically tested on humans, not on animals. This dietary supplement is highly recommended by nutritionists and even by the famous Dr. Oz. It generally has no side effects, but pregnant or breastfeeding women should consult a doctor prior to taking these capsules.  Read more product ingredients HERE

What Do Users Say About Green Coffee Bean MAX

Users are delighted with this great supplement, which has changed their lives for the better. Even the most suspicious of them have changed their minds once they tried it out. This formula has helped them to lose the excess fat and the extra pounds which stood in their way to beauty and health.

Users feel better not only physically, but mentally as well, because they have gained their confidence and self-respect back. They love not only that they can lose weight in less than 30 days with the use of only one bottle, which is a 30-day supply, but also that they have lots of energy throughout the day.

You too can have the body of a celebrity with the aid of this fantastic natural formula. You can choose to order one bottle for $39.95 or order a 3-month supply for only $79.95, and take advantage of the free bottle you receive, which saves you $40; even better, order a 6-month supply for only $119.95 and benefit from 3 free bottles!         TRY NOW .. visit the Official Website

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